Professional services for organizations on a mission.

Strategy, operations, and technology assistance for startups, non-profits and social purpose groups.

What people are saying

Diallo and his team use innovative approaches and a deep understanding of their customers’ markets to deliver significant insights and rapid scalable solutions. Their work laid the foundation for our entire digital strategy.
James Martin, CEO, Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey
The Nethermead leadership played a significant role in the strategic launch of our new health insurance company. Their commitment and insight helped make us the #2 offering on the New York Health Plan Marketplace.
Debra Friedman, President & CEO, Health Republic of New York
I rely on Nethermead for due diligence and in-depth market analysis. Diallo and his team are thoughtful and especially knowledgeable about the healthcare industry. I would recommend them without reservation.
Thomas Dwyer, President, Dwyer Healthcare Group
Diallo makes order out of “the chaos of creativity”. He helps focus on what is most important to build the momentum you need to succeed. That he is honest, friendly and understands what it is like to be a start-up are an added bonus.
Melanie Lavelle, Founder, Executive Director, Self-Sufficiency Solutions
The best part about working with Diallo is that he doesn’t just swoop in with the ‘right answer’… he leads the team to find good solutions to difficult problems. He quickly grasped the issues our software company was experiencing and helped us find clarity and direction.
Daniel Beeby, Founder, Head of Product, Benefit Kitchen

What we do

We offer:

  • Due diligence in investigating industry trends and opportunities
  • Strategic business development and evaluation of organizational direction
  • Architectural and technology assessment
  • Project planning and execution
  • Ongoing operational and executive support

How we do it

We take a methodical, client-centric approach to services.

  • We want to understand how the mission drives the organization
  • Consider company culture and how it influences how work gets done
  • Partner to become an extension of your team
  • Exercise genuine transparency and integrity
  • Internalize the goals and aspirations of your organization